Resolution Center

The Resolution Center is administered by X2 Logistics Networks management. It is a benefit for all enrolled offices of member companies of the X2 Logistics Network.

Our belief and focus is on professionalism and our experience within this industry proves that if companies participating within a network are professional and communicate effectively, many of the problems faced between agents that often turn into disputes can be reduced significantly.

All claims to X2 Logistics Networks must be filed within 150 days of the date of the unpaid invoice(s) and during the coverage period. No claims will be accepted for invoices less than 90 day old.

All claims must have substantial proof of sufficient communication between the claimant and debtor prior to the claim. Failure to show proof of effective communication between both parties prior to the claim will result in claims being rejected.

When submitting a claim, the reporting member must complete all fields in the below X2 Protection Claim Form along with all supporting documents such as invoices, statement of account, master and house shipping documents (MAWB, HAWB, MB/L, HB/L), delivery receipts, communications, etc.

The above must be supplied as the X2 Management will be required to review the entire file before approving.

Please click below for the X2 Protection Claim Form

X2 Protection Claim Form

Please select the company you wish to raise the claim against and the below details:

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A claimant must disclose to X2 all other networks to which their company or any of its enrolled branches hold membership, the claimant will have to provide the full members list of which the company and their branches are enrolled. If the claimant does not provide this information, or if X2 determines the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, the claim will be rejected.

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Master and Housing Shipping Documents :
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Additional Relevant Documentation :

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X2 Protection Claim Form :

Has the invoice been uploaded to the X2 Financial Protection System?

Claims to X2 Logistics Networks must be filed within 150 days of the date of the unpaid invoice(s) and during the coverage period. No claims will be accepted for invoice(s) dated LESS than 90 days old, or more than 150 days from the date of the invoice(s). (See Exclusions below and in the FPS Protection Plan). Claims must be submitted AFTER the 90th day but before the 151st day from the date of the invoice(s).

If the X2 Logistics Networks Management approves the claim, then X2 Logistics Networks reserves the right to terminate membership of the party against whom the claim is paid and notify all other members of the action.

Please read and understand the below X2 Logistics Networks Protection Plan and Claim Procedure before submitting the above information.

X2 Logistics Networks Protection Plan

X2 Claim Procedure