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Launch of New X2 Websites

11:01pm 26th June 2019





The new fresh and innovative X2 Logistics Networks websites are now live to all our members as of the 27th of June 2019.

As part of our directive to continually improve we have been working on new developments for our existing network websites. Many of you may remember 2017/18 when we were viciously hacked and had to respond to a problem which forced us to quickly recover our websites as fast as possible. This created a scenario where we rushed and worked quickly to develop new sites and during that process we could have done better if not faced with the short timeline we had to work with.

The X2 team have been hard at work starting this new development back in March 2019 after the conference and we have completed phase 1 of the new website improvements. We have several phases to roll out through the rest of the year and each phase is designed to implement a new experience and a new way of working within the network. Phase 2 will see a more digitalized solution that will enable members to digitalize the whole process of their business within the network. All data needed for developing a shipment will be stored in the software helping you to come up with accurate door-to-door quotes and provide immediate service to your customers, generating documents ready to be sent immediately.

Each phase we develop to roll out will be subject to the agreement of the members and anyone that chooses not to use it can continue as normal. We do not expect phase 2 to be ready until September and before we implement any significant web enhancements we will notify the members accordingly in order to ensure everyone aligned with the functionality and benefits.

For now please expect very small enhancements to your network website experience that we hope will be the beginning of future improvements as we move closer to the digitalized era we cannot hide from.

The new X2 website user manual will be sent out to all members to ensure the easy transition between the old and the new websites. If you do experience any difficulty or would like to provide us with feedback please feel free to contact us at:

We thank each and every one of our members as we continue to improve each day and strive to create only the best experience for our X2 global community.