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5:08am 1st July 2019





It is that time of year again when we have the pleasure of announcing the dates and venue of The 7th Annual X2 Conference and as usual unlike any other network we also change the theme of the event each year and a lot of effort goes into the planning and creativity of ideas in order for X2 to be leading the way in alternative logistics networking.

We have pushed the envelope year after year and have reached a critical point in the future of logistics networking. Dare to be different, dare to innovate, dare to take it to the next level. That is what X2 is all about, and especially the 7th annual conference where each year the pressure is on to try and improve on the previous year’s events

X2 is inspired by what is the culmination of over a decade of logistics networking. Logistics industry events have become stale and a word commonly associated with them is “boring.” We aim to change that and using what we have learned from personal experience paired with a desire to be different and offer the industry something different ….to be one of a kind ….after all this is what X2 is about.

A networking event like nothing seen before.  An educational playground for logistics professionals to both meet formally in a professional environment and also remove the suit and tie and go on a journey of discovery with other like-minded industry leaders.

Networks thrive on communication, and we are blessed to have more technology at our finger tips than ever before, connecting us to our partners in seconds, and allowing global enterprises to flourish. This perceived benefit is also our biggest threat moving forward. The strongest relationships are built face to face and we implore you all to never forget that. The importance of being at the 7th conference is critical to our collective success as the most professional alternative logistics network out there.

With this in mind we am happy to announce that the location for the 7th Annual X2 Conference will be hosted at the same location as our 6th Conference at the Dusit Thani Hua Hin, a beautiful beach front resort with world class meeting facilities, large open grounds, space to relax, and most importantly no need to book connecting flights from Bangkok. However; there is the opportunity to fly direct to Kuala Lumpur and then take a 45 min flight direct to the Hua Hin Airport located next door to the X2 Beach House ! The X2 Beach House is waiting for you all on the 21st of February 2020.

Even though we have chosen to stay with the same venue as the previous conference, we can assure you it’s going to be even more amazing…. Highlights this year will be changed somewhat but will include the X2 Convoy, Poolside Meet and Greet, X2 World Cup, X2 Cocktails, Cargo Weekend 2 , Extravagant Gala Dinner, The X2 Hidden Hotspot, and many more surprises to supplement the strongest year of 1:1 business meetings with full attendance from you all.

It really is hard to find a location and hotel that understand X2 and allow us to do pretty what we want. Last year was such a huge success I have made the hard decision to not break that vibe that we created at the Dusit Thani Hua Hin and instead maintain it and create even something bigger and better that will take us on journey of professional meetings and also allow for a meeting of the minds in a festival spirit.  

Many members have requested me not to break what we have created. Many of you feel that the X2 Beach house and village serve the perfect purpose of what the X2 community have come to love and enjoy. The ability to be all together as one family within the same location for 5 days. To be able to balance a weekend of R&R and social fun in order to settle in after your long flights …. Before we get stuck into the professional 1:1’s makes this location very hard to beat.

We look forward to releasing more information over the next few weeks but more importantly we are really looking forward to making another truly historic event with you all next year. Yes that’s right we are turning it up a notch once again!

X2 is not just a network it’s a community…..a culture we have developed together let’s celebrate that by making sure we all make it and come together as a group to the 7th Annual Conference in February  2020!

We can’t wait to get all of the seeds of creation fully planted and see them grow into full blossom.