X2 Projects Member V.Alexander Complete Move of a Large Ship Propeller 

The Freight Forwarding experts at V.Alexander shipped the massive propeller which weighed a total of 76 Tons & had the following dimensions: 10.60 x 8.90 x 1.70 m. This excludes the crates that was used during the move which weighed 3.1 Tons (1.70 x 1.70 x 1.70 m) 

The V. Alexander Team took possession of the propeller at the Port of Hamburg. Due to the massive weight of the cargo, they had to use a swimming crane and lift the propeller off the truck. The propeller was then shipped on board a regular Full Container Load (FCL) Vessel and strapped down on 4 collapsible platforms. 

The containers were then delivered to Busan, Korea after travelling a total of 4,613 Nautical Miles ( 8550 Kms). On arrival the propeller was once again lifted off the mother vessel and directed to the barge. After which it was transferred to the shipyard where it was fitted to the vessel that it was purchased for. 

The project was completed without any delays or problems as these experts had meticulously planned and communicated the same to all the parties involved prior to the move. 

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