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5th Annual X2 Conference Sees More Tech Presence

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other tech terms are thrown around every day in the logistics industry when articles and discussions are focused on where the industry is headed and what is the future of not only the freight forwarding specifically, but the general logistics industry as a whole. X2 Group has taken notice

X2 Elevating Logistics Networking

Conferences and annual general meetings have been around longer than logistics networking has been an industry. If you’re a freight forwarder or your customers are freight forwarders you likely attend 3 or 4 events a year. Reading this, your mind has probably already started running through the logistics networking routine; arrive at the event, cocktail

Altius S.A. Hires Antonov Aircraft for Energy Cell Shipment

A member of X2 Logistics Networks, Altius Argentina, recently completed the shipment of a massive electric cell unit weighing 21 tons and measuring 10.5 x 3.4 x 3.8 meters in dimensions. Managing the transport of an energy cell requires skill and understanding of what can’t be done when handling the cargo. Altius Argentina was responsible

X2 Member V.Alexander Move a large Ship Propeller

X2 Projects Member V.Alexander Complete Move of a Large Ship Propeller  The Freight Forwarding experts at V.Alexander shipped the massive propeller which weighed a total of 76 Tons & had the following dimensions: 10.60 x 8.90 x 1.70 m. This excludes the crates that was used during the move which weighed 3.1 Tons (1.70 x

X2 Member Ship Industrial Robots to Buenos Aires.

X2 Projects Member Smart Logistics Ship Industrial Robots to Buenos Aires At Smart we have consolidated our project cargo and the shipment of industrial goods, like machinery and robots for the automotive industry and robotic automation. The automotive industry is one of the most important industries, worldwide and therefore logistic operations are crucial for their development

X2 Member Complete Shipment for Hongsa Power Project

X2 Projects Member P.K Interfreight Complete Move for Hongsa Power Project in Laos The experts at P.K Interfreight are known for completing some amazing moves. Staying true to tradition they recently completed multiple moves for the Hongsa Power Project in Laos  About Hongsa Power Project:  HPC was formed in 2009 by Banpu Power Limited (BPP),

X2 Members move huge motor trolleys

X2 Projects Members Global Project Logistics (GPL) & Universal Freight System (UFS) recently Moved huge motor trolleys from Korea to Malaysia The experts at Global Project Logistics (GPL) & Universal Freight System (UFS) recently lead a series of shipments, moving 37 mammoth-sized motor trolleys from Korea to Malaysia. The cargos shipped under deck travelled via

X2 Member Complete Tapioca Starch Project

X2 Projects Member Leo Global Logistics Complete a Tapioca Starch Project The specialists at Leo Global Logistics recently completed the transport of a large quantity of native tapioca starch from Laos to two destinations. The shipment was handled as a sea freight shipment. The cargo weighed a total of 20’DC.  And travelled a total of

X2 Member: Blackhawk Project

X2 Projects Member Global Shipping Services Complete Blackhawk Project The Projects team at Global Shipping Services recently completed a high level move. They shipped the first of 5 Blackhawks for an ongoing project. It weighed a total of 5 Tons and was shipped from Jacksonville to Antwerp, a total of 4,452 Miles. The heavy duty

X2 Member Complete Shipment For A Juice Producer Plant – Coca Cola Group

X2 Projects Member Smart Logistics Move Cargo for Coca-Cola’s New Juice Plant in Mexico The experts at The Smart Logistics team recently developed a project cargo for a major juice producer company in Mexico.The shipment involved the transport of machinery and several industrial tanks, from Albacete and Madrid to the Port of Valencia in Spain and then shipped to the Port of