A member of X2 Logistics Networks, Altius Argentina, recently completed the shipment of a massive electric cell unit weighing 21 tons and measuring 10.5 x 3.4 x 3.8 meters in dimensions. Managing the transport of an energy cell requires skill and understanding of what can’t be done when handling the cargo.

Altius Argentina was responsible for ensuring the fuel cell reached its destination in Buenos Aires, Argentina without incurring gravitational traction during air transport and after landing and during unloading the crew is required to ensure it was not turned over at an undesirable angle.

This single cell shipment is only a portion of a greater project cargo shipment that involves another 5 energy cells to be transported to the same location in Buenos Aires. However, this is the only cell the client had requested to be transported by air. In order to fulfill the client’s wishes, Altius Argentina enlisted the support of an Antonov aircraft, the only aircraft in the world that can handle such oversized cargo.

Overall, the air transport was the greatest challenge of the shipment. However, the client’s engineers cleared the cargo to handle the 4 G’s of force during takeoff without damaging any internal components. Upon landing and following overland transport, the Altius team surveyed the cargo and determined that the cargo was undamaged. In the end, the shipment was completed smoothly and without any problems.

X2 Projects Member V.Alexander Complete Move of a Large Ship Propeller 

The Freight Forwarding experts at V.Alexander shipped the massive propeller which weighed a total of 76 Tons & had the following dimensions: 10.60 x 8.90 x 1.70 m. This excludes the crates that was used during the move which weighed 3.1 Tons (1.70 x 1.70 x 1.70 m) 

The V. Alexander Team took possession of the propeller at the Port of Hamburg. Due to the massive weight of the cargo, they had to use a swimming crane and lift the propeller off the truck. The propeller was then shipped on board a regular Full Container Load (FCL) Vessel and strapped down on 4 collapsible platforms. 

The containers were then delivered to Busan, Korea after travelling a total of 4,613 Nautical Miles ( 8550 Kms). On arrival the propeller was once again lifted off the mother vessel and directed to the barge. After which it was transferred to the shipyard where it was fitted to the vessel that it was purchased for. 

The project was completed without any delays or problems as these experts had meticulously planned and communicated the same to all the parties involved prior to the move. 

About the Company: 

Designing the most cost effective global transport solutions is our strength. No matter if by sea- or air freight our team handles and coordinates all aspects of your supply chain – door to door. Our engagement is focusing on one goal only, YOUR SATISFACTION. 
Only with this approach are we able to gain our customer’s trust and support and our team is striving to exceed these expectations every day.

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X2 Projects Member Smart Logistics Ship Industrial Robots to Buenos Aires

At Smart we have consolidated our project cargo and the shipment of industrial goods, like machinery and robots for the automotive industry and robotic automation.

The automotive industry is one of the most important industries, worldwide and therefore logistic operations are crucial for their development and functioning. Countries such as Germany & Japan have advanced assembly lines for the automotive industry where processes are fully automated by cutting-edge complex robotics technology of current engineering.

Thus, a leading company from this industry relied on the Smart Logistics Group, for the shipment of their high-tech machinery and robotics, because Smart ensures the highest levels of quality and maximum safety on the projects they move. Their client, KUKA AG, a company well-known worldwide for its intelligent automation solutions mainly in the automotive industry. The main goal was to ship some robotic units from Barcelona, Spain to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A total of 10,500 Kms.

The shipment consisted of 39 pieces of machinery and industrial robots; 26 six-axis robots KR-210 type, usually used in foundry facilities, assembly operations and forging processes, and 13 positioners for payloads KP-3 type, for the handling and loading of industrial components. The shipment of these pieces required a special treatment given the characteristics of the load, packaging and dimensions. Transporting this kind of industrial machinery is always a challenge, as they are technologically complex and delicate shipments that in most of the cases involves special planning and managing logistics much more stringent and detailed monitoring.

Smart successfully shipped the pieces with shipping lines ZIM and Hapag Lloyd. In the first shipment they loaded 2 x 40’ HC containers with IMO approved for 8 robots, with a total weight of 26 tons and shipped in the MSC ALICANTE vessel. The second shipment was with Hapag Lloyd, loading the positioners within 5 x 40’ HC containers and the remaining robots in two other 40’ High Cube IMO containers with a total weight of 44 tons. 

About the Company:

We can ship your goods anywhere in the world, with no restriction as to size, weight or mode. Our global team will guide your freight through regulatory compliances and customs points, with local oversight at several destinations.

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X2 Projects Member P.K Interfreight Complete Move for Hongsa Power Project in Laos

The experts at P.K Interfreight are known for completing some amazing moves. Staying true to tradition they recently completed multiple moves for the Hongsa Power Project in Laos 

About Hongsa Power Project: 

HPC was formed in 2009 by Banpu Power Limited (BPP), Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited (RATCH), and Lao Holding State Enterprise (LHSE), to develop and operate a 1,878 MW lignite mine mouth power plant, commonly called the ‘Hongsa Power Plant’. Upon its scheduled completion in 2016, Hongsa Power Plant will become Lao PDR’s highest-capacity power plant, providing a sustainable source of energy for both Laos and Thailand.

HPC strives to make the Hongsa Mine Mouth Power Project the model mining and lignite-fired power plant that is truly environmentally friendly and conducive to sustainable social development.

The PK Interfreight team moved multiple massive pieces for the Hongsa Power Project from Laem Chabang (LCB Port) to the Hongsa Power Project in Laos. They moved 2 massive drums each weighing 210 & 130 Tons. They also moved a steel structure which weighed a total of 300 tons. 

One of the challenges faced by the PK Team was that they had to apply for special transit permits for multimodal transport (Sea – River – Road). Following which they had to carry the overweight cargo through the tough road. 

But the PK Interfreight team succeeded in the end & managed to complete the move well ahead of schedule. 

About the Company: 

PK Interactive Limited  is based in over 50 countries around the world, including Europe, Asia and America, as well as customs and import and export operations. And free zone service.


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X2 Projects Members Global Project Logistics (GPL) & Universal Freight System (UFS) recently Moved huge motor trolleys from Korea to Malaysia

The experts at Global Project Logistics (GPL) & Universal Freight System (UFS) recently lead a series of shipments, moving 37 mammoth-sized motor trolleys from Korea to Malaysia. The cargos shipped under deck travelled via container ship from the Port of Busan to the Port Klang with the schedule of 5 trips, each trip accommodating 7 trolleys. Travelling a total of close to 5000 kms. 

The motor trolley weighed a massive 26.6 tons each with the dimension of 9.16 x 2.74 x 3.87m, that was then fit into a 40’ FR (OOG).  Considering the mammoth task that this was, these X2 Projects members showed their level of professionalism & dedication by successfully completing the first trip shipping seven 40’FR (OOG) plus one 40’HC (for spare parts) that left Korea on the 5th of August and arrived in Malaysia on the 16th of the same month. 

Another consecutive trip is already scheduled to take place on the 24th of September.  

About GPL: 

Offering a full suite of logistics service, our top priority is to meet all the needs of our customer. As a manifested by our in-depth experience of adding new values, people’s creativity and overcoming challenges, we will continue to devote our considerable energies. Global Project Logistics is a leading and successful company in Korea with the in-depth knowledge and expertise in Project Logistics.

About UFS:

UFS Companies are operating in complementary activities closely linked to each other and are able to offer all the Services related to integrated logistics and to all kinds of Transports, both Normal and Abnormal, both by Land & Sea and by Air Carriage.


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X2 Projects Member Leo Global Logistics Complete a Tapioca Starch Project

The specialists at Leo Global Logistics recently completed the transport of a large quantity of native tapioca starch from Laos to two destinations. The shipment was handled as a sea freight shipment. The cargo weighed a total of 20’DC.  And travelled a total of 8,745 Kms. to one of the destination ports at Genoa, Italy & a total of 2,058 kms to the other destination port at Keelung, Taiwan . 

A challenge that was faced by the Leo Global Team was that the cargo did not originate from Thailand therefore there were some minor issues dealing with that. 

But in the end the experts at Leo Global pulled through, and delivered the cargo well on schedule. 

About the Company:

 LEO Global Logistics Public Company Limited. was established in 1991 as the holding company of the group companies and one of Thailand’s leading total logistics services providers and the Leo group’s flagship company. LEO Global Logistics provides a full range of worldwide logistics services, including Air/Sea Freight Forwarding. Project Cargo Handling and Customs Formalities Service. LEO Global Logistics is a certified internationally acclaimed ISO 9001 : 2015 company, enabling a guarantee to all customers, the fine strange of high quality international transport/logistics services in both local and global marketplaces.

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X2 Projects Member Global Shipping Services Complete Blackhawk Project

The Projects team at Global Shipping Services recently completed a high level move. They shipped the first of 5 Blackhawks for an ongoing project. It weighed a total of 5 Tons and was shipped from Jacksonville to Antwerp, a total of 4,452 Miles. The heavy duty cargo had the following dimensions: 50ft x 10ft x 12ft. They will complete the project including the remaining Blackhawks in the next 90 days. 

The Black Hawk is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter, it is used by the U.S Military & has found its way in and out of countless combat zones to deliver and extract troops, save lives as a MEDEVAC or casualty evacuation platform, provide critical supplies to troops, deliver emergency supplies during natural disasters, and perform as an aerial firefighter and border patroller. 

The experts at G.S.S shipped the cargo from Door U.S.A via. RORO vessel. 

About the Company: 

“Global Shipping Services is a worldwide freight forwarder providing a wide range of services to support your shipping needs. For over 10 years we have been a leader in the shipping industry. We provide all of our clients with complete logistics solutions from domestic trucking and international air and ocean shipping to warehousing services. By choosing Global Shipping for your freight shipping needs you can rest easy and know that your shipment is going to arrive at its destination at the time you need it to.”

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X2 Projects Member Smart Logistics Move Cargo for Coca-Cola’s New Juice Plant in Mexico

The experts at The Smart Logistics team recently developed a project cargo for a major juice producer company in Mexico.The shipment involved the transport of machinery and several industrial tanks, from Albacete and Madrid to the Port of Valencia in Spain and then shipped to the Port of Veracruz in Mexico. 
The cargo contained 3 Flat Rack Containers, 40′ OOG & 10 Containers 40′ HC. The tanks were 5.40 meters long and had a diameter of 2.76. Each tank weighed a massive 1500 Kgs.

An interesting feature of this shipment was the lashing and securing of the tanks on all three 40′ flat rack containers (out of gage), for which the Smart team had to go to client’s facilities in order to reduce costs. Once the lashing and securing was done, the flat rack containers were moved to the Port of Valencia to continue its shipment journey to Veracruz in Mexico.

The lashing and securing of the Smart team is essential to all their projects, as they have to put together the professionalism and expertise of their technicians with the planning and simulation of scenarios from their Pricing department, in order to reduce costs while not losing the professionalism and high quality of the services that has distinguished them as a brand, globally. 

X2 Projects Member Clover Shipping Company Collect & Transport 1 x Bell 212 Military Helicopter

The Project Specialists at Clover Shipping were given the task to collect & transport 1 x Bell 212 military helicopter & the associated equipment from Brunei air force base to the United Kingdom on an EXW, Door to door service. 

Firstly, they needed local specialist lifting equipment & low loader vehicles to handle & transport the goods. Aside from this a flat rack was also needed to transport the fuselage & the cockpit. They used a standard 40′ container to transport the tail boom & peripherals. In addition to this dangerous goods needed to be packed, documented & shipped correctly. 

Brunei export permit/licence was applied for by their local representative & processed in good time to enable the goods to depart on schedule. 

The freight was moved on an ocean freight service, one flat rack and one 40′ container (Standard). The UK import clearance was actioned under a specific UK import duty relief. This was assessed and implemented by the Clover Shipping team (i.e duty/tax management specialist service). 

These experts also provided on-site supervisors for the collection & delivery, to ensure compliant and safe handling, loading & unloading. 

Not only did they complete the move well ahead of schedule, but they also achieved a 10% save on the cost vs. the original quoted price. 


Since 1993, Clover Shipping has specialised in providing bespoke logistics services to customers whose logistics profile is often complex, and who demand personal attention combined with worldwide experience – at the right price. Only through a truly customer focused approach to domestic and international logistics can excellence be realised in complex supply chains. At Clover Shipping, they understand that the services they provide to their clients are an extension of their own supply chain and reputation in the global marketplace.

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X2 Projects Member KRS Logistics complete mobilization of diving equipment from UAE to Egypt

The experts at KRS Logistics recently completed moving diving equipment to their clients project site at Egypt. The cargo that was shipped included a wide range of diving and marine equipment like the diver’s resting chambers, boats, divers masks, cables, drums, gas cylinders, diving cage chambers, chamber winches & cranes to name a few.

The scope of work was to pick up the required parcels from the open yard and then loading it on flat racks, lashing, obtaining the lashing certificate, obtaining the road permit to transport to the port, port handling & freight transportation to the destination port.

The dimensions of the cargo were:

  • 2×40’ FR were over 3.50 meter wide
  • 2×40’ FR were over 3.88 meter high and
  • Remaining cargo were just over height to the FR standard measurement.

A move of this caliber would definitely pose some challenges to regular freight forwarders. But the skilled professionals of KRS Logistics were well experienced to handle this move without any problems, as they move IDMC diving equipment to various project sites on a regular basis. The only challenge they faced during the move was , owing to the fact that the Maersk systems had been down during the month of July 2017. And hence they were unable to finalise the freight for over 2 weeks.

The temperature in the Middle East was close to 50 degree Celsius during the day and the KRS team had to work continuously under direct sunlight for hours together.

Even though the cargo found its origin at Italy, the KRS Logistics team initiated their part of the move from IDMC Sharjah, UAE and delivered the cargo to the Sokhna Port, Egypt. Totalling 2, 346 Kilometers.

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