X2 Projects Member Smart Logistics Ship Industrial Robots to Buenos Aires

At Smart we have consolidated our project cargo and the shipment of industrial goods, like machinery and robots for the automotive industry and robotic automation.

The automotive industry is one of the most important industries, worldwide and therefore logistic operations are crucial for their development and functioning. Countries such as Germany & Japan have advanced assembly lines for the automotive industry where processes are fully automated by cutting-edge complex robotics technology of current engineering.

Thus, a leading company from this industry relied on the Smart Logistics Group, for the shipment of their high-tech machinery and robotics, because Smart ensures the highest levels of quality and maximum safety on the projects they move. Their client, KUKA AG, a company well-known worldwide for its intelligent automation solutions mainly in the automotive industry. The main goal was to ship some robotic units from Barcelona, Spain to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A total of 10,500 Kms.

The shipment consisted of 39 pieces of machinery and industrial robots; 26 six-axis robots KR-210 type, usually used in foundry facilities, assembly operations and forging processes, and 13 positioners for payloads KP-3 type, for the handling and loading of industrial components. The shipment of these pieces required a special treatment given the characteristics of the load, packaging and dimensions. Transporting this kind of industrial machinery is always a challenge, as they are technologically complex and delicate shipments that in most of the cases involves special planning and managing logistics much more stringent and detailed monitoring.

Smart successfully shipped the pieces with shipping lines ZIM and Hapag Lloyd. In the first shipment they loaded 2 x 40’ HC containers with IMO approved for 8 robots, with a total weight of 26 tons and shipped in the MSC ALICANTE vessel. The second shipment was with Hapag Lloyd, loading the positioners within 5 x 40’ HC containers and the remaining robots in two other 40’ High Cube IMO containers with a total weight of 44 tons. 

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