Overdue Invoice Ranking

When conducting any business with the below companies, please make sure all invoices are submitted through the X2 Financial Protection System. This will allow and ensure that all members of X2 Logistics Networks are closely monitored and regular communication will be conducted.

Required to be covered under X2 Financial Protection, the Financial Protection System is where members are able to enter invoices related to business conducted with fellow X2 members.

All invoices uploaded to the X2 Financial Protection System are done so by X2 members, therefore it is the duty of all X2 members to ensure that professionalism is maintained and that all paid invoices are marked as paid in a timely manner.

Failure to comply with the above will see the payees X2 Risk Rating effected and cause potential harm to the company’s reputation. You will receive an automated email from X2 Logistics Networks a day prior to the due date, this email will serve as a reminder to either pay the outstanding invoice or mark the outstanding invoice as paid.

For any assistance on invoices that have been paid and still reflect as unpaid, or if you would like more information on the below companies and their outstanding invoices before conducting business, please contact memberships@x2logisticsnetworks.com directly.

Below is the list of the highest ranked companies and the amount they owe:

Overdue Invoice Rankings Overdue Invoices USD EUR CHF GBP AUD
1. World Transport International Ltda 4 3,472.00 - - - -
2. AFS Transport 1 - 320.00 - - -
3. Shanghai Windows Logistics Co. Ltd 1 - 440.00 - - -